About Us

Let our experience work for you!

Soar the Sierra LLC’s chief flight instructor, Mark Montague, has been teaching in sailplanes since 1979.  His instruction has earned him the FAA’s coveted Gold Seal recognition and he is the only Designated Pilot Examiner for gliders in the state of Nevada.

Mark has been a cross-country soaring pilot for even longer than he’s been an instructor and has spent a quarter century soaring in the demanding high desert environment in the Great Basin.  He specializes in teaching techniques and concepts that will be applicable in any sailplane in any operational environment.  Learn it all here, and you’ll be equipped to fly safely and confidently anywhere else you can get a tow!

In addition to instructing in gliders, Mark instructs in airplanes.  He retired after 27 years of flying airliners in both domestic and long-haul overwater international operations and has flown the A319/320, B-757/767 and B-777 as Pilot in Command.  While flying the line he spent four years serving as an FAA-designated Check Airman as well.

Our Pledge to You

We believe we offer the finest glider flight instruction available anywhere at any price.  We recognize our professional obligation to you, the student, at all times.

Next to that, we recognize an obligation to serve the sport of soaring that has brought us so much satisfaction throughout the years.

Accordingly, should we determine that our capabilities, equipment, or location would fail to serve your needs, we will gladly refer you to another soaring operation better suited to provide exactly what you want.  We feel certain that the other local operators would gladly refer you to us under similar circumstances.


Bottom line:  we want you to be satisfied, whether as a customer of ours or not.