Courses: Diversified and Customized for You

Soar the Sierra LLC provides a wide selection of courses and seminars. While we specialize in advanced soaring instruction, we are eager to train students at all levels, from ab initio beginners, to general aviation students and pilots, to professional pilots with many thousands of hours’ experience. Our clientele includes pilots from almost every phase of aviation, with almost every type of goal, and we like it that way!

Our particular focus is on training CFIs (Certificated Flight Instructors), not merely to FAA standards but so that they will have the ability to teach any aspect of soaring knowledgeably, effectively and efficiently in any environment and at any level.

Not interested in becoming an instructor (or in becoming a better instructor) but simply want to become a pilot–or a better pilot? Put our expertise and experience to work for you!

Interested in learning with us?

Please contact us by emailing us at or by calling us 775 843-7510.

We’ll be happy to answer your questions, to design a course targeted specifically to your needs or interests, or even to refer you to another local instructional soaring business if for some reason our capabilities and your needs simply wouldn’t make a good match.

If you’re planning to fly with us and are unfamiliar with the Schleicher ASK 21 sailplane, here’s a link to the Flight Manual for this model.