Flight Instructor—Glider

“Bring me more like THAT one!”

–Designated Pilot Examiner

The quotation above was the entire debriefing of the recommending instructor after this DPE completed testing his first CFIG applicant from Soar the Sierra LLC.

We could we say?  We sent him another CFIG applicant a short time later, and received the same briefing that time, too.

This was no accident.  At Soar the Sierra we specialize in teaching the next generation of teachers; this is really our core mission.  Yes, we gladly accept students starting from the ground up, and we’re delighted to train students of all experience levels to safely and efficiently accomplish long cross-country flights, but we also know that very few soaring operations are geared to turn out fully qualified, truly superior flight instructors, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to this aspect of glider flight training.

We’ll not only teach you to pass with flying colors the practical test for the CFIG rating, but we’ll provide you with the background to knowledgeably explain the aerodynamics and meteorology essential for getting the most out of today’s sailplanes; we’ll teach you to address the many different learning styles and individual aptitudes of the students you’ll mentor; we’ll teach you to navigate around the pitfalls that always seem to appear in any instructor’s path.  How do you read a student’s logbook, without missing the “red flags” hidden in them?  How do you avoid “negative training” when introducing transition students to the sailplane’s drag devices?  How do you explain the many uses of camber-changing flaps?  How do you assess students’ progress in time to detect incipient problem areas before they become significant?  With decades of glider flight instruction behind us, we can help you with each of these issues and many more.

Whether you’re considering your initial CFI certification, thinking about adding a Glider rating to your existing CFI certificate, or just want to become a better flight instructor, let us help you accomplish your goals.