Mountain Flying for Airplane Pilots

All too often, trying to learn mountain flying in an airplane is an exercise in frustration:  the airplane itself, due to its relatively clumsy aerodynamic characteristics and the imponderable contribution of the engine, greatly masks the nature of the atmospheric flow around terrain obstacles and other features.

Flying in a properly-instrumented sailplane you’ll be able to fully understand the influence of the terrain on the airflow around it, and without an engine the sailplane’s air data sensing tell a much more meaningful and complete story.

we’ll teach you not only how to survive in what can be an inhospitable environment, but also how to actually benefit from the energy of the atmosphere to enhance your airplane’s performance.  Climb out of high-density-altitude airports without sending your CHT’s through the roof.  Get up and away quickly and efficiently.  Enjoy the confidence that comes only from knowing what the environment can offer the knowledgeable pilot.

Whether you choose to add a Glider rating to your existing certificate or simply wish to become a safer, more accomplished mountain pilot is completely up to you; there’s no one-size-fits-all “right answer” here.  The essential truth is that if you’re going to fly in the mountains, you owe it to yourself, and to your passengers, to arm yourself with the training that gives you all the advantages.