Recurrent Training

We specialize in taking pilots beyond the usual dry checkride “laundry list” and showing them facets of glider flying that will enhance their ability to confidently handle situations that might otherwise escalate into emergencies.  Why not take advantage of our expertise?  We’ll design a Flight Review that doesn’t merely satisfy the regulations but actually gives you critical new skills and new insights.  How would you handle an approach with the tail dolly still on your aircraft?  What sort of terrain is more dangerous than it looks, and what is less so?  What’s it like when your rudder locks in a slip?

Descent or Landing on Tow

Ever wondered about descending, even landing, while on tow?  Too many instructors attempt to teach these maneuvers entirely on the ground, denying their students any opportunity to experience them for themselves.  Many instructors have never even experienced these maneuvers themselves, much less practiced them to achieve instructional proficiency in them.  Too many instructors only mention landings on tow in the context of a simultaneous dual release failure, an extremely unlikely circumstance.  (There’s only been a single documented event in the entire history of US soaring.)  But there are other situations, that are far more realistic possibilities, in which the ability to perform a descent or even a landing while still connected to the towplane could easily mean the difference between an accident and just another flight.

You deserve every advantage when it comes to safety and proficiency!