Spin Training

The spin is a classic maneuver, or flight condition, that’s been with us since the Wright brothers first encountered what they called “well-digging.”  Nevertheless, the majority of today’s pilots have never experienced a spin at any point in their training!  if this is the case for you, consider letting us give you this experience in a safe, controlled, enjoyable and educational manner.

The ASK 21 closely replicates the spin behavior of the vast majority of our present-day single-seat fleet because it has a very similar aerodynamic design and distribution of mass.  It also faithfully illustrates the modern sailplane’s reluctance to remain spinning and to spontaneously “recover” into a spiral dive.  Experience has shown that many pilots are unprepared for these events.

The most important differences between the ASK 21 and the competition sailplane is an aerodynamic design that limits the acceleration to what might be called an instructional rate, and a second seat that allows it to carry another pilot, so that you don’t have to teach yourself all about spinning and spiral dives!

We can acquaint you with the spinning behavior of the modern sailplane either by building a short, targeted ground and flight lesson or by incorporation into a more comprehensive training syllabus, such as your next Flight Review.  Either way, it’s certain to enhance your understanding of spinning, spin recovery and spin avoidance, as well as dramatically increase your comfort level during all phases of flight.